The Spoked Traveller | ...connecting cyclists to local trails, food and adventures.
Trails and advice cycling around the world as solo female cyclist and adventurer
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The Spoked Traveller

…connecting cyclists to local trails,

food and adventures.

It never occurred to me to leave my bike at home on my first overseas trip. Twenty years later, nothing has changed. Whether at home, or in a foreign country, riding makes me feel closer to people and places.

I created this site as a hub for all things cycling; it’s a celebration of bike culture. Where to travel next, how to travel, where to get advice, see some cool practical bike fashion, what to eat. I’ll share what I know; and I invite you to do the same.

Over the next few months keep checking in as I’ll be adding some new menu items.

See you on the trails. Melanie

Reintegration into the real world is imminent. Weighed in today. Lost 2.5 pounds: inch off abdomen and a slice, about half inch, off the buttinski. Healthy food and exercise aside, I'm convinced I lost wine weight. Tonight we get one glass at our final supper. At cardio max class I pushed it hard knowing it was only hours away! Cardio max is a high-intensity interval class: 2, 4 and 6 minutes on different machines. Time flies by! Lunch with the gang over a hearty canellellini bean shrimp stew.          

Slept in until 6:30 am this morning. No call about the hike: boo hoo.  Besides the food, the hike is my favourite part. Plucking grapefruits, pomegranates and persimmons from the trees. Oh, and baby avocados. I recouped lost ground, however, with three fitness classes back-to-back: funky rock and roll dance, followed by an elastic band session (loads of arms) and then spin. Fell asleep during facial.  

Heard the rain on the tiled roof last night. Ahh. Woke 5:30 am for hike, but it was too wet so I decided to stay up and write. Quiet and focused over a strong cup of coffee. And, my most favourite time, breakfast. After which I met with personal trainer, "the Mighty E" as they call her, Ellen. I think knowing it was our last session, she upped the ante.