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Testimonials and Media Coverage

New travel guide showcasing Niagara to hit book shelves

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE — Melanie Chambers has childhood memories of Niagara Falls’ majestic cataract city and city wax museums from a family vacation. 

When she recently came back to the region for work on a travel guide, she said she was shocked to experience it through adult eyes.

“It’s a place I want to visit more and more,” said Chambers. “It holds a special place for me now.”

Strong words, considering Chambers has been all over the world as a travel writer. Chambers, based in London, Ont., was in Niagara again to help England-based travel writer Louise Dearden create a traveller’s guide to the Niagara Region for Frommer’s, one of the most trusted travel guides in the world for the past 50 years.


Western News

By Heather Travis

Melanie Chambers doesn’t shy away from a culinary indulgence. In fact, both her palate and her pen welcome it.

Sinking her teeth into a buffet of foods is more than just feeding a craving; it is research for her next restaurant review or travel guide.

“I love eating. I look forward to lunch every day,” says chambers. “Eating is so simple, but it is the thing I look forward to the most.”

Chambers is a limited duties professor in the Writing, Rhetoric and Professional communication Pro- gram at the Faculty of arts and humanities. She is teaching a course this semester on Food Writing


“Mel is one of those writers that just gets it. She understands her client’s needs and delivers on time with quality content. As an editor I love when I can assign a story and forget about it until the content comes in. Mel gives me that peace of mind.” Colin Field, editor of Mountain Life Magazine.


“I can honestly say that throughout my undergraduate career this was the first course I actually looked forward to attend each week. Entering class is like jumping aboard a trip into the unknown–I always learnt and discovered more than imaginable…Melanie’s teaching style combines an engaging mixture of class discussion, critiques of print articles, and practical lessons that always keeps me interested for the entire three-hour block of time.” Former Travel Writing student Ashley Burke, a 4th Year MIT student at Western University.