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Cycling Resources

I cycle under the Oxford Street bridge every time I ride to work (Oxford and Talbot Street); from my place in Wortley Village, it's about six kms to the University of Western Ontario along the paved bike path. ( It follows the Thames River, and it's beautiful in the fall with all the changing leaves and sun playing on the water. But, under this bridge, it is also dark and often strewn with garbage: a place where I speed up. Don't linger. But, something made me get off my bike today. This is artist Tracy Root. She applied to a call out for the London Mural Project: a pilot project of public art in London. Another painting appears under the Wharncliffe Street bridge near the Children's Museum. "I came here a few times and tried to get a feel for the place and to decide what people would want." She is shocked at how many people use the bike path: 1,000 or more a day pass by her mural-in-progress!

Ramona stares out the window and pauses before answering my questions about The Craftsman Restaurant that is going on 26-years-old in December. It's a cottage country institution and she's ruminating about how things have changed since the beginning. (Located on highway 28 South in Paudash-- the small town just before Bancroft). Breakfast: smoked salmon burrito with capers and homefries. Drool.