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Am I home, yet?

Am I home, yet?

I moved to Toronto from London, Ontario last February. After a few decades in London–thank goodness for travelling every summer–I needed a change. And, I think I have begun to carve out a little niche in T-dot.

Even though I drive back and forth to teach at Western University, my cousin (and roommate) and I have our traditions. One is a family taco night on Sundays–if we’re both around. Jodie also loves the patio at a bar called Ronnie’s in Kensington Market. It’s a slice of eccentrics and artsies and cool people. It is the ultimate people-watching place.

Here is a recent photo of Jodie and I on a Sunday afternoon when Kensington has shut down car traffic; sitting on the patio, in this weather that makes you long for a beach and a cold mohito, we’re just two chums soaking it all up.


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