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Ancient Town of Nora

Ancient Town of Nora

A pre Roman and Roman town—the first settlement in Sardinia is south of Cagliari—about an hour on bus to the town of Pula; from Pula it is about half an hour walk.

Nora was conquered by Romans in 283 B.C. — there is a mix of architecture—the Romans built on top of previous inhabitants. For example, Romans liked straight and wide roads for chariots to ride side-by-side, but the Phoenicians had already built curvy roads.





Much of the town is underwater, but what remains is amazing:

restored tiled floors (the guide explained the colour and tile was restored using a thick varnish instead of placing glass on top).







The colours also reveal the home`s affluence. More colours means more money.




A mermaid…

The house with the columns is the most expensive house in the town–it is also where you will find the most tiled floors.






amphitheatre–in the back there are three doors –entrances for the poor. The theatre was used for plays and political discussion.








Thermal baths where everyone washed.




Yellow tiles mean it was a public space.

At its peak, 8,000 people lived in Nora.

But, by the 8th century it was completly abandoned. Oh Nora, you came and you gave without taking…but I sent you away, oh Nora…..

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