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Broken Relationships–a museum

Broken Relationships–a museum


In Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, I came across a museum so potent, it made me cry, laugh and think –more than any other museum I have ever visited. Now, to be fair, I am not a museum type person. For one, I don’t like to walk slow.

But, this one is different. It is called the Museum of Broken Relationships . It began as a travelling exhibit and now has a permanent home in Zagreb. Each exhibit is a memento or piece of memorabilia, of sorts, from someone’s relationship. Accompanying each item is a poignant explanation of its significance. Some ended in grief, others, it’s obvious…

The one above is from a long distance relationship–one that meant tons of plane travel. One of the partners collected barf bags and then when the relationship ended, he sent them to the person. Fitting, he said. Hilarious.

The museum is award winning. Here are a few that I liked; it made me wonder, what would you donate to the museum as your one relic of a broken relationship? I left feeling a little sad, emotionally beaten up–to be expected, non?






This is a love letter glued to a piece of glass then shattered. You can read the explanation–suffice to say the writer felt cathartic smashing it into a gazillion pieces.





This one is evident, but it was about a long distance relationship that was surreal because of technology. Oh so true.






Edible underwear that was purchased in attempt to spice up things in the bedroom. The undies are unopened. Nuf said.


This read: I had such high hopes! ha






This was sweet. The poster below is a reminder of the nicest thing an ex ever did for this guy. His ex invited all his family and friends to a private showing of his new film and had posters made. Sweet.

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