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Five styes, strep and a bad attitude

Five styes, strep and a bad attitude

Ok, I leave for San Diego–tomorrow. I’m writing a story for Mountain Life magazine ( about a famous, and long standing holistic spa called Golden Door.

Every time I have mentioned The Golden Door to American friends, I get a few responses: “Oh, that is one of the originals.” Or, “posh,” is my favourite.

I’m writing about my experience. No red meat. Easy, don’t eat it anyway. No flour. Gulp. No soft Portuguese rolls? Sugar. Seriously? No sugar? I have a feeling I’ll get kicked out. You know, like one of those people in rehab that just can’t kick the habit. I will have to call a taxi in the middle of the night. “Hi, I need a lemon cheesecake, two profiteroles and a brownie. Don’t ask questions. Just drop the box off at the door and walk away. Walk away.”

But it’s good timing. In the last few months I have had FIVE styes (they alternate from right to left eyes–just to be fair), and on my 40th birthday, I came down with strep throat that forced me to cancel class (the first time in seven years). I caught up on my soaps. Victor, why did you marry your daughter-in-law? Why? That is just gross.

Too much stress and I am forced to admit, it’s time to chill. Bring on the healing.

To aid in the anti-stress I drove to Niagara Falls the night before my flight. I’m staying with a girlfriend who owns Lion’s Head Bed and Breakfast. We met when I was researching the Frommer’s Niagara guidebook. We became fast friends talking over good wine and food.

I’m flying out of Buffalo for the first time, so it’s only 40 minutes from here.  

Tonight we ate at Napoli in the Falls. I heard, and this could be an old rumour, that outside of Italy, Niagara Falls has more Italians than anywhere else in North America. I don’t know about the stats, but walking into this restaurant with my hair in a ponytail, and the rest of the women in thigh high boots and ribbons of make up, I felt like it was Italy. Over the top style. We ate an incredible antipasti of proscuitto and salami, olives and then cheese. Oh the boccaccini.

I am now confident that I can relax and enjoy, knowing that I wrote references for students, finalized marks and even said goodbye to a student who has taken all my classes. I wish you all the best of luck in life. You are just at the beginning. Life is good, it really is.


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