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Grapes and goodies

Grapes and goodies

North of Belleville, a country road that smells of pumpkins, wood smoke and earth, also leads to a slew of wineries.

On our first stop, Harwood Winery the grapes were bursting off the vine: harvest time. My favourite was a red called Admiral’s Blend: “we liken it to pinot noir with hiking boots!” said the server. My kind of vino!


IMG_5061 IMG_5070















But by far my favourite, By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery is a few kilometers west of Wellington. And get this: it’s for sale! Yes, the barn with the romantic white lights on the ceiling and the red brick tasting room. All of it. Dream.

Before you get to the winery,the dirt road curves around to a graveyard: the sun is hitting the gravestones in such a way creating long shadows. It’s spooky, yet beautiful.









As we came around the bend, the winery is in a red brick, what looks looks like a school house. And the wine, well, it’s delicious. I bought a pinot noir and gamey blend that is rich and bold; like me! Well, not rich in money, but rich in experience. That counts for something, right?



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