The Spoked Traveller | January 28: what I learned today
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January 28: what I learned today

January 28: what I learned today

This is actually a leftover from yesterday, but it is a good one so …

Be kind. I recall a certain student that was the ‘I know everything kind.’ He questioned everything I said in front of the class–trying to make me look like a fool. But I persevered. I didn’t give in to his anger. I just kept asking him about his feature story; I would send him stories related to his topic. It eventually worked. He returned to my office at the end of the semester and thanked me for putting up with him.

I’ve been in Toronto for almost a year and I used to think Torontonians were the most disgruntled mother*fer’s I’d encountered. No one made eye contact on the streets. And, I just assumed they had no time to talk… blah blah, the list goes on. But then I realized, I was also the one that didn’t say hello. I was just as guilty of not making eye contact. So, I changed it. I said hi; yes, it did shock people to have a stranger say hello on the streets, but they lit up like a Christmas tree when I did.

So, go forth and be kind.

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