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I’m a friend of Killarney Park

I’m a friend of Killarney Park

Killarney Park in Ontario is the place to hike. From a couple hours to day hikes to a full eight day hike around the Park–just don’t show up in sneakers.

This is a picture of the peak of The Crack Trail (a 6 km ‘there and back’ trail). The first third of the trail is flat, then it shoots up and over white limestone rocks. The last section you’re wedged between two giant slabs scrambling up rocks.

The campsite in the park was isolated. Because we’re on the Canadian Shield, rock is everywhere. At night we sat on the rock shelf behind our tent and watched the full moon. It’s also bear country — a fact that really brought back memories of a bear incident years ago. The first night I woke up every hour: “what was that?” Squirrels Mel. Then, I dreamt about bears. I thought they were sniffing around the tent. Relax.

On The Crack trail below. Superwoman!





The second trail we hit was down the road near campsite # 103 called the Cranberry Bog Trail. It rained the night before–rain in a tent is so soothing. It makes me feel safe. The rain meant the moss covered rocks on the trail were so slippery. My buddy went down –lucky he was agile and assumed the plank position automatically.





Too sad that bikes are not allowed on these trails! Look at those roots!

I also have to say that the Ontario Parks’ trail guide, which provides estimates for hiking times, should be cut in half. We didn’t run the trails by any means, but The Crack Trail was slated at four hours and we finished in about two.






Life on a log. This is on A.Y. Jackson Lake– The Cranberry Bog Trail.

We only spent two nights here, and when we left, I felt sad. It’s a park that removed us from the world for a few days; my favourite was jumping into the lake after our hikes. After a sweaty few hours, it snaps you awake. This place makes me feel alive–part of the water, and trees, I feel at home.


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