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Prince Edward County road trip

Prince Edward County road trip

Friends, bike and wine. For a couple of days I get to combine these on a road trip to Prince Edward County, Ontario with a new friend. Every time I see Diana she’s dressed in the funkiest outfits: a scarf, a thoughtful piece of jewellery that has a story behind it. She runs; she writes; she loves her family. And, she likes to swear, like me. That’s how we bonded; sitting next to one another at a media event, we swore like sailors about relationships. Don’t you love when someone can just be uncensored? That’s Diana.

Bloomfield is about two and a half hours west of Toronto. The Globe and Mail called it one of the best Ontario foodie destinations: after I eat and drink my way through a gin distillery, few wineries, and restaurants, I’ll let you know my prognosis. So, stay tuned for some classic autumn pictures; as well, I’m going to be a foodie douchebag and post pictures of  food. Don’t judge; you know you’d do it too.



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