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Summer travel writing plans

Summer travel writing plans

Okay, after much debate, actually I made the decision in one night, I am heading to Porto, Portugal June 9 for three weeks then heading to Morocco for two weeks. Porto is one of Europe’s oldest cities and it’s so close to Spain–a place near and dear to my heart since I first rode my bike there in 1996.

In July, I return briefly, then it’s off to Newfoundland for the entire month of August. I’ve teamed up with Go RVing Canada to blog about mountain biking around THE ROCK ( Bike. RV. No fixed address. It reminds me of living in B.C. only 20 years ago I was living in a Chevy cargo van. My Trek 5000 cost more than the van.

I’m also writing an article for Mountain Life Magazine ( about riding the rock. Read updates starting August 8 when I begin trails in St.John’s with local rider Luke Nichols. Next, I head west, about eight hours drive, to spank the trails in Cornerbrook and Gros Morne National Park. Finally, the last leg I will drive way, way up to St.Anthony (where the Vikings landed) to ride part of the Viking Trail system.

Whef. Stay tuned as I reveal what writing adventures I’m planning for Portugal and Morocco.



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