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The Dark Side

The Dark Side

“You’re going to the dark side?” This is a sales guy, fitting me for a road bike. Yes, after 15 years on a mountain bike, I have decided to ride a skinny bike, wear a team jersey, and hunch over curled bars.

Today, I debated the differences between mountain bikes and road bikes with a friend–the beginnings of a story pitch, which I sent today. But, I must say, it has got me really excited and nervous. It is part of the territory of trying anything new–hence the exciting part!

I grew up riding a red 10 speed in Nova Scotia–it was my brother’s. My hips swivelled to reach the pedals, but eventually it fit and I would race along the coast of St.Margaret’s Bay to spend the day alone at the beach. I guess these days truly shaped who I am because as I begin searching to find that perfect bike for the summer, I anticipate recreating these long days, smoothing floating alongside the water.



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