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The Toronto Dancing Man

The Toronto Dancing Man

There was a man. Not just any man. This man danced. He danced salsa. He danced swing. He even danced tango. And, despite my inexperience, in this man’s arms, I felt like I could dance. This man could also dip –and given the chance, maybe even throw me spiralling into the air, and catch me in one hand. Ok, maybe he’s not that good.

I discovered this man at Toronto’s Cameron House on Queen Street ( “This guy can move and he’s always looking for someone to dance with,” a friend told me. I was immediately intrigued. On a Sunday night, I met Peter. I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t Peter. Decked out in a plaid shirt and red suspenders, this guy also had a few decades on me. But no matter, he’s more spry than most 20 year-olds! From the moment I put my little hand into his, we higglety-hopped across the floor to the Western swing tunes of the Double Cuts.

Peter firmly guided me into a double-step right, then double-step left, then single-step back and forth; and then, with arms outstretched, cheek-to-cheek, we strutted across the dance floor to the front of the stage. Stopped. Turned back towards the bar, cheek to other cheek, and strutted again. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Turns out this is no ordinary man. Peter makes it his business to dance all over Toronto.

As for me, well, I know what I’m doing on Sunday nights.

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