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war, fortress, island and bike

war, fortress, island and bike

ok–sorry for delay. Having too much fun. Forgive me.

Since I last posted, I have biked the highest mountain in southern Croatia (St. Juve 1,700 meters in Biovoko Park);





Along the paved road 23 kilometers of steep switchbacks, which took me THREE HOURS, there are stone homes from about 1,000 years ago–farmers. Amazing.









Then. Ivana took me to visit the St.Nicolas fortress. Italians built it around 1600. Located in the mouth of the Sibenik harbour, no one goes here–Ivana and I were the only ones.





I ask what the animals mean above the front entrance: “I have no idea–there is not documentation on this place.”









Then, drove to town of Knin (interior), which was the Serbian headquaters, briefly, before the Croatians stormed the town and Croatia gained its independance;

New sidewalks, but the Main street is gravel. Some men were playing a game on it.

Ivana explained that many men between 40 and 50 receive good pensions–as a result you see a lot of men doing nothing. The town had most of its shops closed. Construction was everywhere–oh, the church was brand new.








The drive there…


Warning of mines still in the fields







Yes, bullet holes.

That is not to say the place and region isn’t beautiful. There are several new homes. I drove by so many people tending their gardens and vines. Roses everywhere.

Finally, I visited an island off the coast of Sibenik called Zlavin and met a couple from Austria. It is a sleepy little place with less than a 100 residents and NO CARS! Very tranquil.

Ate giant crayfish at an Italian eatery under a canopy.

It rained so we walked briefly before going back to the restaurant and drinking more. Sipped RAKIJA, a strong grappa-like liquer.


Rustic homes with vines growing over the stone. Lavendar is everywhere here.





 I am not peeing here. Really.





That night the three of us ate supper in Sibenik at a place called Pelegrini. Pasta with truffle sauce. Decadent.

The restaurant had a secluded stone patio that was couched in between homes and the sea. Lovely.


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