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What is next? Choose your own life.

What is next? Choose your own life.

When you have a family there are milestones that move you along in your life— kids first poo, first day of school, first date, first day when they move out, first marriage (too cynical?) etc…  When you’re single, there are other milestones: career, and personal projects, life goals, plans. But here’s the difference: these are all self-propelled.

And if they aren’t career driven, exactly, then what propels them? Oh sure you have your list of life, ‘to-do’s–but what if you find yourself wondering, what am I here to do, and you come up blank? What if you find yourself asking: ‘what’s next?’ Unlike the child’s timeline of life events, you’re not spurred on by some predetermined events, these events are all up to you. You find yourself asking: ‘what do you want if you had all the cards and possibilities at your disposal?’ That’s a pretty tall order. It’s like that stupid question: ‘what are your five desert island CD’s?’ You can only choose five? The options make you dizzy. In a way it’s a bit terrifying, but on the other hand, so wonderful; it means one has choices in the first place. How many people and countries cannot say this? Wow, you can go into the store, so to speak, and choose your life. Wow. Now that my friends is a beautiful thing. What do you choose?

  • Bob Anderson
    Posted at 10:31h, 06 December Reply

    Simple my dear Melanie. Choose life. Make all the choices within that that bring you smiles and happiness x

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