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Finding virtual travel friends

Finding virtual travel friends

As a solo female traveller, potentially visiting Morocco, but most certainly Portugal (no worries there), I have begun sending out emails to web sites in hopes of finding a fellow traveller. Ideally, someone who likes to hike big mountains.

I began with, which has a list of travellers looking for other travellers. No Morocco. However, I did get a reply from a guy named Dan in Vancouver. He’d been to Mount Toubkal before so he sent an amazing email detailing the hike: where to start, how much to pay–the whole enchilada. Great, but still partnerless. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in Northern Africa (over 4,000 meters), so I think I need to go global. Next up, I post on So far, nadda. You post where you’re going and guiding companies send their info. Again, I have emailed those companies and received nothing back. Arg. I’m starting to take this personally.

I did, however, stumble upon the coolest thing; in Porto, where I’m staying, there is a day long ‘hang out’ with an artist. The city pairs you up with an artist to sculpt, paint, or whatever you like, for an entire day. I signed up immediately.

Finally, my last pitch to find a friend abroad: Similar to any social media site, this one is all about trails — hiking, and running. I sent a message to RUI. (ruu—eeee). It might come down to this:

At coffee shop, sucking back strong Portuguese coffee. Someone sits down next to me with a backpack. “Hi, where are you from?” “Oh, I’m actually from Toronto…” “Cool, any chance you going to Morocco?”  “Why, yes, I’m hiking Mount Toubkal….”

  • sandro
    Posted at 12:39h, 07 June Reply

    Hi Melanie

    I see you going to Porto, i move last year with my wife to Toronto and i am from Porto if you need any extra information send me a email, because i am a mountanier and a know all the trails and mountains in Portugal..

    have a nice trip to Porto


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