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Click to read on Northern Ontario Travel web site: If your idea of a relaxing vacation includes blending authentic culture and cuisine with unique lodging and smooth easy cycling, Northern Ontario is packed with everything you...

"Hey, Mel, (it’s the beginning of the week). Do you want to come to Arrowhead to ski for the weekend?" D'uh! Yes please. I love Toronto, but sometimes you need quiet, and wide-open spaces; you can find it in Arrowhead Provincial Park (neighbouring Algonquin Park), two and a half hours northeast of Toronto.

Close to their Ontario roots or up in the Arctic, the Drawnonward collective of artist-nomads share a reverence for the Canadian landscape By Melanie Chambers In the late 1990s, seven artists drove out west in three separate vehicles – a milk truck, a van and a Volkswagen Rabbit. One vehicle got separated. Unable to call one another – before cell-phone mania – everyone decided to take different routes. They assumed they'd just meet up in BC.

“The Bruce has theirs, this is ours,” says Tyler Hessel, owner of Outdoor Projects outtfitters in Bayfield. He’s referring to the network of trails in Huron County; during my weekend, we mountain bike and...