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So, it was my Spanish room mate's last night. So, for lunch we went to a restaurant called Barcelona! You must make reservations (only open for lunch) because the chef gets fresh seafood from the market daily and needs to know how many to feed! That is fresh. The place feels like a kitchen.         Our anti pasti consisted of octopus, squid, fish of all kinds in vinegar etc...         Then---pasta for the main. Full?  Ah yeah, bloated woman ovah-here.      

Sold first story to Toronto Star about kids in Italy. Will post in June! Yippeee. Here is how pizza is done -- Italian style. No stuffed crusts here, man. Oven cooked and thin. I am researching...

America has Western ghost towns; Sardinia has abandoned mining villages. On the southern west coast, La Costa Delle Miniere (Coast of the Mines) is a stream of some two dozen abandoned mines; it's creepy. Giant stone buildings built into the stone – rocks chipping away year after year. Rusted metal conveyors bent and misshapen. On my bike trip we encountered them daily. South of the town of Buggeru, the abandoned mines cover about 3,500 kilometers and 85 different municipalities-- many coastal; it's a UNESCO heritage site.

“The Bruce has theirs, this is ours,” says Tyler Hessel, owner of Outdoor Projects outtfitters in Bayfield. He’s referring to the network of trails in Huron County; during my weekend, we mountain bike and...